Ebony G. Patterson: Botanicals of social justice

The following interview was originally published in Antennae Journal, Issue 52, Autumn 2020. Read the full interview here.

Ebony G. Patterson is a painter and mixed media artist originally born in Jamaica and currently based in Chicago and Kingston, Jamaica. Patterson creates large-scale, “maximalist” installations that often include wallpaper, tapestries, layered fabrics, additional... +

Jacquelyn Royal: Form & Concept Gallery

Jacquelyn Royal: Form & Concept Gallery
Jacquelyn Royal, “Tokyo 1” (detail), 2009, needlepoint, thread on canvas, 15 x 18”
The following review appeared in Visual Art Source in April 2020. Jacquelyn Royal’s landscape needlepoints, titled “The New Police,” center on graffiti in order to explore the authenticity of mark making and the record it leaves. Comprised of stitched panels between 15 by 18 inches (largest) and 4 by 7 inches (smallest), these twelve needlepoints feel especially intimate. This is not... +

Charlene Teters: Way of Sorrows at the IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts

The following review was originally published by Southwest Contemporary in March 2020. The gallery is partially bisected by a chain-link fence. Three pairs of children’s shoes hang on or sit near it. A few rosary necklaces and beaded bracelets are tied to the fence as well, like quiet memorials. Brown luminarias pepper the fence line with handwritten notes on their sides: “May we see ourselves in the... +