Stitching Temporalities Beyond the Institution: Adrian Piper at MoMA

Adrian Piper: A Synthesis of Intuitions 1965–2016 collects nearly 300 individual works of Adrian Piper’s work, beginning with late-adolescent paintings to more recent reflections on the Black Lives Matter movement. What emerges from this assembly is an ongoing interrogation of the frameworks that shape everyday experience. By employing performance, video, writing, sculpture, photography and more, Piper explores the capacity for an individual to challenge cultural, ideological, and... +

Notes On

NOTES ON is an a-chronological studio diary that artist Magalie Guérin’s re-transcribed twice by hand and now in print. Through that active facsimile Guérin documents her painting process, mapping at once her creative history and the way that history consistently transforms. Personal, professional, and creative spheres intersect like simultaneous layers in a painting as accumulated entries capture the shifting gray area between self-doubt, self-awareness, and creative breakthrough.... +

Pop Quiz

The therapist said, for instance: I notice you bite your fingernails. I notice you twirl your hair when you’re talking. I take it you have trouble making eye contact. You’re rubbing the thighs of your pants with the palms of your hands. Do you bite the inside of your cheek? I see your fingers are stained. When you roll your eyes, it is as if you are avoiding something. You look pale. You are looking at my abdomen. How often do you masturbate? Do you like boys? I notice you make jokes... +