My Heart Will Go On

The following short story was originally published in White Wall Review in March, 2019.
On the drive home, Ada feels so sad. She can’t explain why but sits in the backseat with her head resting against the window as light fades from the sky in a beautiful burst of colour. Her husband drives them home, a little drunk but not too bad. They’ve had an argument. She prefers to sit as... +

Pop Quiz

The following short story originally appeared in Wigleaf. It was a finalist for the Mythic Pizza award. The therapist said, for instance: I notice you bite your fingernails. I notice you twirl your hair when you’re talking. I take it you have trouble making eye contact. You’re rubbing the thighs of your pants with the palms of your hands. Do you bite the inside of your cheek? I see your fingers are stained. When you roll your... +

The Chronicles of Fortune

The Chronicles of Fortune
My first graphic novel, The Chronicles of Fortune was published by Radiator Comics in 2017. You can pick up a copy here. About the book: Originally published as a series of minicomics, The Chronicles of Fortune is a quirky and idiosyncratic adventure of Fortuna, the greatest superhero who could do anything to improve the world, but is tragically stricken with... +