Psycho Dream Factory

(Out of Print) Fiction. Each story in PSYCHO DREAM FACTORY appropriates celebrity figures like paper dolls in order to enact a new and peculiar drama. Imagine Dr. Dre’s first experience coming on the Burning Man festival! Suppose MJ’s death was only a publicity stunt! What if Woody Allen found a protégé? These are just some of the scenarios you’ll entertain in this delightful volume. Introduction provided by Lily Robert-Foley, with interior design and silkscreen covers printed by Sonnenzimmer, and artwork included by the author. This full-color book was made in an edition of 100. Prior to its inclusion in “Happiness Machines” (an exhibit at Roxa Boxen Exhibitions) 25 copies of PSYCHO DREAM FACTORY were placed and left behind (with bar codes) in supermarket checkout aisles in Chicago, IL.

This artist book was published in 2011 in a limited edition of 250 by Holon Press with an introduction by Lily Robert-Foley. Book design courtesy of Sonnenzimmer. The book was released as part of a solo exhibition at Roxaboxen Gallery in Pilsen, Chicago the same year.

“And so we might glean a fissure in the pervasive cloak of the image factory haunting us in grocery lines and on billboards, this ‘illusion that something, or someone, can be simplified and projected onto a surface.’ In recognizing these dangerous illusions, Picard calls for an interstitial transcendence. Surfaces without depth, empty of consequence or complexity, we might see a partial self. A self to be supplemented. ‘A new means to measure success.'” August Evans, html giant.

“Throughout this intense, often hypnotic collection, Picard applies her fine surgeon’s eye to our celebrity-struck culture. Merging images and prose, Picard operates in her own desert dreamscape.” —Elizabeth Searle, American Book Review.

Claudine Isé’s interview about the book and exhibition is on Bad at Sports, here.

Sarah Terez Rosenblum wrote “Picard’s work makes an explosion between the point of origin and the point of arrival, thereby opening a new space.” Her interview about the book for the Chicago Sun-Times is here.