On Civil Disobedience

Green Lantern Press pamphlet series co-edited with Fulla Abdul-Jabbar and Devin King recalls precedents set by Thoreau, Ghandi, King, Arendt and others while also considering the pamphlet’s role in US history. Filtering civic responsibility through the combined awareness of histories and disciplines, commissioned essays by writers from a range of professional backgrounds to ask questions critical to our contemporary political climate: How might citizenship and resistance intersect within the pledge of democratic ideals? Designed by Dakota Brown, a full list of pamphlets and contributors is below.A culminating symposium, On Civil Disobedience: An Epilogue was curated by Fulla Abdul-Jabbar (Sector 2337) and presented these thoughts to a live audience via film, performance, and readings. Symposium participants included Basma Alsharif, J. Dakota Brown, T Clutch Fleischmann, Rashayla Marie Brown, Sky Hopinka, T Clutch Fleischmann, Damon Locks, Ayanah Moor, Allen Moore, Sonnenzimmer, and Jennif(f)er Tamayo.

“Dallas, Detroit, Prague, Chicago— Notes on denial, distance, defiance, and dogs,” Stephen Lapthisophon (ed. Picard and Abdul-Jabbar)
“Con Alma,” Nathaniel Mackey, (ed. King)
“to kill the future in the present,” Jeni(f)fer Tamayo (ed. Abdul-Jabbar)
“Civil Disobedience against Private Government,” Anonymous (ed. Abdul-Jabbar and Picard)
“Digital Resistance: A Field Guide,” Abhishek Narula (ed. Abdul-Jabbar)
“Particles,” Robin Blaser (ed. Devin King)
“Racism and Gestural Disobedience,” Romi Crawford (ed. Abdul-Jabbar)
“gonorrhea, institutions, SESTA,” T Clutch Fleischmann (ed. Abdul-Jabbar)
“L’esprit d’escalier or InshAllah (but in either case, you don’t know what to say),” Rashayla Marie Brown (ed. Abdul-Jabbar and Picard)