Repair : Interview with Linda Tegg

I was lucky to interview Linda Tegg for a project that she developed in collaboration with Baracco+Wright Architects for the Australian Pavilion of the 2018 Venice Biennale, themed around the idea of “freespace”. Tegg and I talk about how one identifies what needs repair, what happens if we start to think about the earth as a client, and Tegg’s ongoing project, Grasslands. See more about the book here.

About the book: Repair aims to expand the point of view from the object of architecture, to the way it operates in its context, advocating a role for architecture that catalyses or actively engages with the environmental, social and cultural repair of the places it is a part of. Repair as an approach to architectural thinking is set to become a critical strategy of architectural culture. It is particularly relevant to Australian architects who work in one of the most diverse and ecologically sensitive landscapes in the world. Uniquely, our cities are interspersed and bordered by remnant vegetation and often connected to large natural systems as well as built over the traditional cultural landscapes of our First Nations peoples. They are also scenes of developing ecosystems at which humans are at the centre of. This book unpacks the theme, documents the exhibition and catalogues Australian architectural projects that are conceived through acts of repair exhibited at the Australian pavilion.