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Pop Quiz

The following short story originally appeared in Wigleaf. It was a finalist for the Mythic Pizza award. The therapist said, for instance: I notice you bite your fingernails. I notice you twirl your hair when you’re talking. I take it you have trouble making eye contact. You’re rubbing the thighs of your pants with the palms of your hands. Do you bite the inside of your cheek? I see your fingers are stained. When you roll your... +

The Chronicles of Fortune

The Chronicles of Fortune
My first graphic novel, The Chronicles of Fortune was published by Radiator Comics in 2017. You can pick up a copy here. About the book: Originally published as a series of minicomics, The Chronicles of Fortune is a quirky and idiosyncratic adventure of Fortuna, the greatest superhero who could do anything to improve the world, but is tragically stricken with... +