Out of the Dinosaur, Into the Moment: Selina Trepp at the Cleve Carney Gallery

The following catalogue essay was published for Selina Trepp's exhibition, Do you have cents for nonsense? I have cents for sensitive, at Cleve Carney Gallery, Oct 10-Nov 19 2016. The floor of Selina Trepp’s studio looks like it might have been white once when it was first covered with a new polyurethane skin; the surface has long since turned gray, mottled, pockmarked, and peeled up in places. It feels alive, open to change and bearing traces of past lives when the... +

Slipping through the net of a metaphor: SITE SANTA FE // MUCH WIDER THAN A LINE

Slipping through the net of a metaphor: SITE SANTA FE // MUCH WIDER THAN A LINE
Paolo Soleri (b. 1919, Turin, Italy; died 2013, Paradise Valley, AZ). Amphitheater, c. 1975. Commissioned by the Lloyd Kiva New for Institute of American Indian Arts, 1964. Image courtesy of the IAIA Archives, Santa Fe
Originally published by The Seen, Sept 2016. SITE Santa Fe stands close to the downtown historic district of the city, beside train tracks and Warehouse 21, a haven for artistic youth. Contextualized by a landscape that originally belonged (and still partially belongs) to Native Americans, within the architectural residue of a complex colonial and missionary histories, the Southwest... +

Life Among Other Men: An Interview with Black Deutschland ’s Darryl Pinckney

The following interview was originally published by Art21 in June, 2016. "It doesn’t always start with a suitcase. Sometimes things begin with the wrong book. Berlin meant boys, Isherwood said. Fifty years after his adventures among proletarian toughs, Berlin meant white boys who wanted to atone for Germany’s crimes by loving a black boy like me.” So... +